Regional Dogshow 11. 10. 2014 and the clubs and special exhibitions

Sat, 10/11/2014 - Sun, 10/12/2014
Czech Republic
Regional exhibition of dogs of all breeds other than German Shepherd
- Special Exhibition of Tibetan Spaniel
- Club Show of český fousek
- Club Show od Czech Terrier
- Regional - Terrier Club Show
will be
on 11th 10th 2014 Lito.
You are invited.

DEADLINE: 15. 9. 2014

First dog, including the catalog - Regional Exhibition of 400 CZK, club and special exhibition CZK 500 / € 30
another dog - Regional Exhibition of 350 CZK, club and special exhibition CZK 450 / € 25 (first dog is not the one logged in byby class, puppy class and veteran class)
babies, puppies,  veterans, honor class - 200 CZK, club and special exhibitions CZK 300 / € 15
the competitions - all 100 CZK / € 10



This Easter will see Dog Mania touch base at Exhibition Center Liverpool for the first run through – throughout the few days of Saturday 31st March and Sunday first April over a thousand mutts will be in the city for what is set to be the locale's biggest and most energizing pooch demonstrate ever.